Questions and Answers about Wheel Cleaning Brush

Is it OK to use my alloy wheel brush to clean the rest of the car?

Question: Has anybody done this before?

Answer: Dont use that - the bristles or head may scratch the paintwork.

If you want it swirled and scratched to hell, yes it's fine.

Violate iRobot's Patents? Nein!

Curiously enough, this isn't the first time iRobot has had to defend its intellectual turf.

Back in 2007, iRobot won a similar lawsuit by proving that competitor Robotic FX -- which was incidentally founded by a former iRobot employee -- not only stole trade secrets and violated several of iRobot's patents, but also destroyed evidence and violated fair trade practices while trying in vain to compete with iRobot's popular defense-centric PackBots. In the end, Robotic FX ended up dissolving, while iRobot agreed to purchase "select residual assets" from the company.

As an aside, iRobot's current case also seems strikingly reminiscent of the complaints filed in March by  MAKO Surgical against its own U.K.-based competitor, Stanmore Implants, alleging Stanmore's Sculptor RGA violated several patents related to MAKO's own RIO robots.

In the end, that particular complaint was resolved less than a month later after Stanmore agreed to withdraw from robotics, while MAKO later solidified its place  in robotic surgery by purchasing Stanmore's robotic business assets and intellectual property for less than $1 million.

Wheel Cleaning Brush News

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